Singer Yinka Ayefele’s Triplets Are A Year Old (Pictures)

Singer Yinka Ayefele’s Triplets Are A Year Old (Pictures)

Yinka Ayefele triplet babies, two boys and a girl,  are a year old already! They were born on January 18, 2019 at Holy Cross Hospital in the USA bringing overdose of joy into the life of Yinka Ayefele and his wife. The singer who is confined in a wheelchair, did not announce the birth of the babies after their birth because the babies were tiny at birth as they were born prematurely so he was afraid to broadcast the news of their birth.

According to him, he decided to keep it within the family until they are fully grown and healthy, which he now announced in the middle of the year in 2019. Well, the couple can’t be happy enough for their two boys and a girl as they continue to grow to see more years on earth.

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